5th International Film Festival “Cine a la Vista” - Branding
Cine a la Vista is the only International Film Festival in Argentina where teenagers choose the winning films, the youngsters being the only members of the jury. I was in charge of the Direction, Design and Animation of the whole Branding, working along with an amazing group of designers and filmmakers. About the process, we made everything with paper-cut trying to find the perfection of the imperfections of the textures in the only way the analog process can provide. We produced ton of paper shapes with different thicknesses in the search of that “tangible” feeling.

Frames Spot


Logo Redesign / Color Palette / Elements / Patterns


Print & Digital


Screen Visuals



5th International Film Festival Cine a la Vista - Branding
Direction, Design & Animation: Leo Franchi
Production & Additional Design: Maria Lux
Music: Soundflower
Communication & Press: Laura Farina, Male Maffeis, Andres Archila
Client: Animachicos, Nora Di Domenica & Clara Suarez
Year: 2018

* Mockups by Anthony Boyd

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