Supervielle / “Best Animation” at 34th Cipolletti Independent Film Festival

This weekend, I was invited to the award ceremony of the 34th Cipolletti Independent Film Competition where “Supervielle” won in Animation category, voted for the amazing jury formed by Laura Tusi, Tomás Lipgot and Andrés Levinson.

Luis Bras looks like the Argentinean model for this abstract, anti-narrative animated short film that takes advantage of shapes and light in a surprising way.
— Laura Tusi

Thank you so much Grupo Cine Cipolletti for the invitation (Nacho Dobrée, Pablo Gauthier, Cecilia Guerrero and Juan Martin Vilanova) where I had the opportunity to watch another amazing short films awarded in other categories: Tobías Cédola (T.R.A.P), Agustín Pagliuca (Rabia), Juan Bobbio (La fiebre que espera despertar) and Joaquín Caba (Podestá). Also many thanks to Gisela Chicolino from Films to Festivals for having submitted my short to this Festival.


Animeetup by MediaMonks

Last week, I was invited to an event called Animeetup (a meeting of animators) organized by MediaMonks where there was an open studio and some incredible talks like the one by Pierre Nelwan and how a passion/side project led to doing Google’s 20th anniversary doodle, and also great talks by Not Real and Rudo Company. Thanks Pablo Cuello and all MediaMonks team for the invitation! I felt like a “Monk” for a day :)
La semana pasada me invitaron a un encuentro de animadores llamado Animeetup organizado por Mediamonks donde hubo un open studio y unas increíbles charlas de Pierre Nelwan (y como de un “side project” surgió la posibilidad de hacer el mejor doodle para Google), de Not Real (si gente, es REAL lo que hacen) y Rudo Co (los “El Mató” del motion). Gracias Pablo Cuello por la invitacion! También fue increíble haber tenido la posibilidad de cruzar unas palabras con gente grosa del motion argentino como Roberto Connolly de Kasana, Milton Gonzalez y Valeria Moreiro de Not Real (gracias por las postales :), Sergio Saleh de Lumbre, Juan Manuel Codó de Studio Soop, Magui Solla de MediaMonks, Andy Cambiasso, Pablo Roldan de Rudo, Bagui (nos vemos cada 8 años), Benjamin Dato, Fede Kanno de Plenty, Fede Bogado, Leonardo Bensignor y alguien más que seguro me estoy olvidando.


Some photos courtesy by MediaMonks ©.

Discussion / How important are Transitions for you?

There are great scripts, wonderful designs, characters, excellent techniques…But when I remember amazing projects for the past years, the first pictures in my mind are Transitions. For example, the stunning birds-tree transition in Mtv HD “Crow” by Psyop, or the moment from the eye opening into the world in “Lincoln Continental Concept” by Block and Tackle. Also that flawless transition from the ring to the javelin in “Olympia”. So, How important are transitions for you? Do you pay special attention to them when you are storyboarding your projects? Follow this discussion on Mixed Parts.

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