Cooking Channel - Refresh
Elevation approached me with the opportunity to help them refresh the entire Cooking Channel brand. I designed and animated the complete refresh and I was fortunate to have such a great partner in Elevation and Cooking Channel, which provided clear direction, an awesome foundation from which to build and the autonomy for me to explore different concepts and solutions.

Cooking Channel is a destination for all food enthusiasts,“For Food People, By Food People”. So, How to fix what’s not broken? The original branding package designed by Trollbäck+Company was beautiful and simple. The new elements had to co-exist with the older elements so Cooking Channel could roll this out to slowly to replace the old package. We wanted to still keep the refresh simple, concise and flexible. Like a master chef uses salt “not too little, never too much, but just enough to enhance the dish”.

Working closely with Stephen Cocks (creative director) and Dianne Frisbee (art director), I began exploring the Cooking Channel’s sliding aesthetic. I designed a grid based on the network’s hero logo position, creating a consistent structure that anchored in the network’s look, while providing new opportunities to move and configure the screen. The result captured the spontaneous element of cooking by combining and editing ingredients in unexpected ways. I explored the pacing and rhythm of the package’s animation with effective and solid movements inspired from cooking actions, like cutting, chopping, mixing, peeling, giving new energy to the brand. The motion follow the kinetic energy you have when you are cooking while the photography helps in the "first person" point of view we wanted to create.

Grid / Structure


Type System



Cooking Channel Refresh
Concept, Design & Animation: Leo G Franchi
Year: 2014

Production Company: Elevation
Creative Director: Stephen Cocks
Art Director: Dianne Frisbee
Sound Designer: Andrew Scott
Producer: Stephanie Carson

Client: Cooking Channel
Creative Director: Aaron McDannell
SVP Marketing, Creative Services and PR: Susie Fogelson
VP Creative Services: Peter Risafi
Art Director On-Air: Brian Keenan
SVP/GM, Cooking Channel: Michael Smith

Music: “Baska Brother” by Parov Stelar (only used for this reel, and without commercial purpose)

* Featured on Promax Brief
* Featured on Creativity Online