Empty Nest
I was invited to participate on Elevation’s monthly animation installment. My month was May, so the idea was to work with concept of "Mother's Day", where a bird feeds and cares their baby birds while they grow, soon they will open the wings ready to fly. Elevation is a brand development and design and motion agency, based in Atlanta. About the production, I animated the birds with lot of brushes in photoshop and then in after effects I added additional elements and did the final composition. The goal was to do several loops and combine them, where the initial position of the birds was the same in each loop.
Fui invitado para participar en un calendario animado junto a otros 11 animadores. Cada uno debía trabajar sobre un evento de un determinado mes. El mío fue Mayo y en Estados Unidos se celebra el Día de la Madre, por lo que trabajé la idea donde un ave alimenta y cuida a sus crías mientras ellas crecen. Pronto abrirán las alas, listas para volar.


Animation Tests

Design / Type / Colors / References


Final Frames


Empty Nest
Direction, Design & Animation: Leo G Franchi
Additional Design: Nadia Altaparro
Year: 2014

Production Company: Elevation
Creative Director: Stephen Cocks
Sound Designer: Andrew Scott
Producer: Fernanda Martin

Music: GregMusic
References: Original photos by Paulo Brandao, Bill William and Vincent Van Zalinge via Unsplash
* Officially Selected for the II International Film Minute Festival "Cineminuto", Argentina
* Featured on Behance, Design Collector, Howww, Imagination Plus, The Pegbar and Grill