Radiohead - Daydreaming Vignette
This is my experimental vignette interpretation of a section of the song "Daydreaming (alt. string)" for the Radiohead's "Series of Vignettes Contest", where I worked with geometric shapes and textures (16:9 version, originally 1:1).
Esta animación es mi interpretación experimental de una sección de la canción "Daydreaming (alt. string)" para el concurso de Radiohead "Series of Vignettes", donde trabajé con formas abstractas y texturas. Versión 16:9, original 1:1.

Animation Tests


Design / Shapes


Radiohead - Daydreaming Vignette
Direction, Design & Animation: Leo G Franchi
Audio: Provided by The Beggars Group for the Contest
Year: 2016

* Featured on Motionographer, Behance, Etapes, Ice Cream Hater, Design Collector, Dessignare, MG25, Mango SnatchersNever Not Working, Pause Cafe, Wake me Up