United Airlines - Vignettes
Instead of doing a typical sponsor billboard attached to a show, CNN wanted to do something special. Based on concepts provided by CNN and United, I helped Elevation’s creative team to create these custom animations showing helpful travel tips that both fit the show, promoted the sponsor, and informed the viewer. Parts Unknown is a food and travel show where Anthony Bourdain travels across the world to uncover little-known destinations and explore cultures and cuisine.
En vez de hacer un tipico billboard, CNN queria algo especial. Basado en el concepto de CNN y United, ayudé al equipo creativo de Elevation a crear estas animaciones, mostrando utiles tips de viaje, promoviendo al sponsor e informando al espectador. Parts Unknown es un programa de viajes y cocina donde Anthony Bourdain recorre el mundo para descubrir destinos no muy conocidos y explorar su cultura y cocina.


Animatic / Animation Tests

Design / Grid / Colors

Final Frames


United Airlines Vignettes
Design & Animation: Leo G Franchi
Year: 2015

Production Company: Elevation
Creative Director: Stephen Cocks
Art Director: Dianne Frisbee
Sound Designer: Andrew Scott
Producer: Fernanda Martin

* Featured on Behance, Enjoying in Motion, Ice Cream Hater, Mango Snatchers, Never Not Working, Pause Cafe, Wake me Up